Puncturevine Weevil Release Party


Come join us at Millrace Park in Taylorsville (1150 West 5400 South) and pick up a cup of puncturevine biological control weevils to release in the most problematic sections of parkway trail!  We’ll have bagels, juice and coffee for volunteers.

Learn more about how we’re using biological control to manage goathead thorns along the Jordan River Parkway here.

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Jordan River Commission Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan cover


The JRC is pleased to share its first Strategic Plan.

Similar to how the Blueprint Jordan River outlines the vision for the physical Jordan River corridor, this Strategic Plan outlines the vision for the Jordan River Commission as a governmental organization.

The development of this document took from the time that the Commission was created to the present.  This initial period of five years was a critical time for the Commission to explore a range of possible roles and opportunities to participate in the revitalization of the Jordan River corridor.  A draft plan was posted on the Commission’s website and distributed through social media channels in late March.  A public comment period was held from April 1, 2015 to May 31, 2015, and the Governing Board adopted the plan at it’s June 18, 2015 meeting.

This document will be reviewed annually to compare the Commission’s progress towards achieving its goals.  A strategic planning retreat will be held every two years, during which the Commission will reevaluate its mission, structure, goals, objectives and priorities.  The next Strategic Planning retreat will be held in 2017.

Although the public comment period has closed, public review and input on the Strategic Plan are still welcome. Any comments received will be saved for review and consideration during the next update of this document. Please email any comments or feedback to lahanson@utah.gov.

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