Proposition A – Salt Lake County Recreation Bond

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In November 2016, Salt Lake County voters will have the opportunity to approve the Parks & Recreation Bond, which will authorize the county to issue $90 million in bonds to build new parks, trails, recreational amenities and a recreation center, as well as renovate and improve existing facilities. The Parks & Recreation Bond will provide $59 million to build 11 new projects in Salt Lake County, and $31 million for maintenance and improvement funding for existing projects. Each project fills current and future recreational needs of the citizens, based on the 2015   Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation 2015 Master Plan.


Projects Proposed

Two of the projects proposed are located along the Jordan River Parkway:

(West Valley City) Natural open space, trails, boardwalks, picnic areas, historical education areas, natural amphitheater, restrooms, small group pavilion, urban camping area, and canoe launch. Will be divided into eight programmatic spaces: North Natural Trail Area, Oxbow Trailhead Connection, Urban Campground, North Parking, Group Picnic Area, Art/Cultural Garden, South Parking, South Natural Area and Trails.

(Salt Lake County) A series of formal boat access points at strategic locations throughout Salt Lake County’s section of the Jordan River, beginning the implementation of the Jordan River Water Trail. This will work to improve the current conditions along the river for recreational boaters, legitimize the user-created access points, and create new access points that are safer and more functional for paddlers.


Tax Impact of Proposition A

Proposition A builds upon the recently reauthorized Zoo, Arts and Parks (ZAP) tax, passed by 77% of voters in November 2014. ZAP provides sustainable operational funding for parks and recreation. In 2006, voters approved the second iteration of ZAP, and Proposition A is a continuation of the use of that funding. For a continued $18.18 per year (based on a $295,000 home), residents will receive $90 million of parks and recreation projects.

Public Meetings

Salt Lake County will hold a series of public meetings before general election day, November 8, 2016, to discuss Proposition A, the Parks and Recreation Bond. Residents can speak with county officials about how the bond monies will be used and the impact the bond will have on their property taxes. See a full list of Public Meetings

Wayfinding Signage Plan

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The Jordan River Commission is excited to be working with the Salt Lake County Health Department, Wasatch Front Regional Council, the National Park Service, West Jordan and other cities to develop a wayfinding signage plan for the Jordan River Trail.  This new plan is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2016 and will include standards, designs, and locations for a series of new signs to assist trail users in navigating the Jordan River Trail. The signs will include basic directional information, and will highlight both distance and time to nearby destinations. It is the project partners’ goal to fabricate as many signs as current funding allows and to have them ready for installation by the individual cities and counties in early 2017.

One of the regular complaints from trail users is the lack of directional signage. We are very appreciative of the generous grant support from the Salt Lake County Department of Health that is making this project possible.