Water Quality and Quantity

Water Quality dataThere are seven continuous water quality monitoring stations on the Jordan River.  Installed by the Farmington Bay and Jordan River Water Quality Council, these monitors provide live data about dissolved oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, algae, and more. Explore the website and watch what happens to dissolved oxygen levels after a summer rainstorm here.





TNCExplore how our regional water supply compares to other urban regions in the world with the Nature Conservancy’s  Global Urban Water Blueprint.






blueprintHow much water do you use?  Find out at the Utah Rivers Council’s interactive water use calculator, BluePrint UTAH.

Then learn how to reduce you own household water use here!





DWQDid you know that the Jordan River is listed as an “impaired waterway” by the Utah Division of Water Quality and the Environmental Protection Agency? That means the river is not meeting the State’s water quality standards for it’s designated beneficial uses (agriculture and fishery).  Learn more here.





garden parkThe Conservation Garden Park, located along the Jordan River in West Jordan is a beautiful  water conservation demonstration garden.  Visit the garden for classes, tours, and to learn how to incorporate water wise landscaping in your yard.