Go with the Flow


Water Conservation and the Water Cycle

4th Grade Science

Learn about the water cycle and water conservation.  First, we’ll roll a die and travel through the Jordan River water cycle, while building a beaded bracelet to take home.  How many beads did you collect? What happened when you reached the Great Salt Lake?

Next, we’ll fill a bucket with water representing all the water on earth.  Using cups we will scoop water out of the bucket to represent the oceans, ice caps, clouds and water vapor.  How much water is left for humans to use?  Who else needs to use this same water? Who uses the water in the Jordan River? What can we do at home and at school to reduce our water consumption?

Next, we will explore the Jordan River corridor in a guided water cycle walk-about.  Students will look for evidence of the water cycle as we explore the Jordan River Parkway. Looking through real binoculars, we’ll also try to spot common plants and animals with the help of a field guide, and all our observations will be recorded in a class journal.



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