The Trail


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The Jordan River Trail is a multiple use trail paralleling the Jordan River as it flows north from Utah Lake to the Great Salt Lake through the Salt Lake Valley’s most populated communities.  The trail system includes a paved trail, an equestrian trail, several connecting neighborhood trails, and will ultimately also include a water trail for boaters. Currently, only two small sections of trail remain incomplete of the 45 mile Jordan River Parkway Trail.

The Jordan River Trail links links 15 cities, 3 counties, and countless stakeholders as it travels through Salt Lake Valley to the Great Salt Lake.  Check out these Jordan River Parkway Spotlights to see a list of destinations you can discover along the river.

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Trail Hours & Dogs

The Jordan River Trail is open between 5:00 am and 11:00 pm in most sections. All dogs must be kept on a leash. Please be responsible and clean up your dog’s waste to prevent water pollution and to keep the Parkway enjoyable for everyone.

Report a Maintenance Problem

Responsibility for development and maintenance of the trails are divided among Salt Lake County and local municipalities.  If you see a maintenance problem, “Report an Issue” through the mobile application.  It can be accessed through the main menu.

Additional Resources

In addition, there is a multi-use, single track dirt trail for mountain bikers, walkers and trail runners called the Germania Dirt Trail.  It is located near the Germania Pavilion along the Jordan River Parkway in Murray. This trail has four interconnected loops which total about 1.5 miles.

Connected Trail Mileage

  •  Jordan River Trail (when completed) = 45 miles
  • Legacy Parkway Trail = 13 miles
  • Denver and Rio Grande Trail = 22 miles
  • Murdock Canal Trail = 17 miles
  • Provo River Parkway = 15 miles
  • Utah Lake Trail (when complete) = 50 miles
  • TOTAL = 112 miles