Guidance Document for Stormwater Management in the Jordan River Corridor

The Civil and Environmental Engineering Student Engineering Associates (SEA) at the U of   U has prepared a Guidance Document for Stormwater Management in the Jordan River Corridor with the goal of providing the Jordan River Commission and its affiliates with information and criteria that will help implement Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs) along the Jordan River watershed. The document “seeks to assist planners in creating stormwater solutions that balance social, economic, and environmental need”  From the Executive Summary:

The objectives of this guidance document are to:

1. Compile information on appropriate Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs) including advantages and disadvantages, selection guidance, and design criteria;

2. Provide design examples for five different stormwater control measures aimed at guiding the engineer through the process of designing these SCMs;

3. Provide concise fact sheets for each corresponding design;

4. Provide performance and cost analysis results for watershed scale installation of SCMs, and;

5. Present direction and implementation guidance to address the challenges and opportunities related to ordinances, education, and financing.

The document is broken up into three easily digestible volumes:

Volume 1 Introduction

Volume 2 Fact Sheets

Volume 3 Model Designs