Vision Implementation Progress

Photo by Chris Garcia


The Blueprint Jordan River Vision

Envision Utah facilitated development of the Blueprint Jordan River in 2007 – a document that captured the community’s vision for the Jordan River corridor.  Over 3,000 people participated in the development of the Blueprint Jordan River plan, which included five “Big Ideas”:

  1. Lake-to-Lake Blue Green Trail – That is the ability to run, bicycle or paddle the entire length of the river corridor from Utah Lake to the Great Salt Lake.
  2. 20-mile linear nature preserve – This includes preserving as much open space as possible in the river corridor as natural river corridor.
  3. Regional and Neighborhood River Centers – The Blueprint envisioned a series of redevelopment nodes along the river corridor that transform blighted industrial and commercial areas into new mixed-use villages at developed areas that may include housing, restaurants, river-oriented shops, and small offices
  4. Enhanced Regional Access – Tying the Jordan River Parkway to the region’s existing transit system, bicycle routes, will enhance the use of the parkway as an alternative transportation facility and make it that much more accessible to the general public.
  5. Environmental Education – Lastly, the Blueprint Jordan River envisioned a broad campaign to raise public awareness and appreciation for the Jordan River corridor, and to expand the base of support for its revitalization.

The Jordan River Commission was created in August 2010 to create a structural framework and network of partners to facilitate implementation of the vision.  With the funding now secured to complete the entire Jordan River Parkway Trail, the region is that much closer to fulfilling the vision outlined in the Blueprint Jordan River.

View a summary of the Jordan River Commission’s progress to date to implement the “Big Ideas” outlined in the Blueprint Jordan River vision here.