In addition to the Jordan River Commission’s 3rd, 4th and 5th grade lesson plans, several other educational resources exist that can be easily adapted to the Jordan River:


Other Curriculum Programs

  • The Center for Documentary Expression and Art operates an 8-week school residency program for students in 7th through 12thgrades. Here, students explore the Jordan River and the environmental movement through photography, creative writing, science experiments, and hands-on restoration work.
  • The Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities has water quality and invertebrate field kits to lend out, and a Jordan River watershed–specific teacher/student guide.
  • Utah State University’s Streamside Science Curriculum uses hands-on stream monitoring techniques to teach middle- and high-school students about water pollution and water functions, which can also be adapted to teach students in 5ththrough 12th grade. The curriculum engages students directly in their local watersheds.
  • The Utah Lake Commission has curriculum focused on Utah Lake, the primary source of water for the Jordan River. Although Utah Lake–specific, much of the curriculum can be adapted to a Jordan River lesson.


Self-Guided Tours

Take a self-guided walk around the Jordan River Parkway!

Self-Guided Tour Maps