Call for unwinding of development plans along the river in West Valley City

international marketplace


In a written announcement today, former Jordan River Commission Chair and West Valley City Councilman Corey Rushton, called upon his fellow members of the City Council  to pause and reconsider the future of an 18-acre parcel of land near the Jordan River on 3300 South.

This property, originally planned for a used car dealership, was purchased by the West Valley City Redevelopment Agency with the hope of creating a development project that served as a major retail destination and attraction for the community.  The proposed project, called the International Marketplace, was intended to be a commercial extension of the Utah Cultural Celebration Center and a place to celebrate the diversity found within West Valley’s neighborhoods.  The property was sold to a private development company, and the City has been in negotiations and site planning discussions with the company since 2009.

In his March 20, 2014 statement, Councilman Rushton asked the City to decline any extensions to the current development proposal and explore avenues to unwind current plans for the property.  He also recommended that the City bring together Jordan River stakeholders to evaluate opportunities for Jordan River corridor preservation.  Finally, he asked West Valley City to lead by example and adopt a riparian corridor protection ordinance, implement best practices for riparian corridors, and to work with the Jordan River Commission to define what might be included within an appropriate “river center” development near the Jordan River.

The Jordan River Commission is excited by this possibility and looks forward the opportunity to collaborate with West Valley City and Utah Open Lands to reimagine the future of this property in context of the Jordan River.