Jordan River Ecology & Recreation Education Summit


December 8th, 2017 


How can we use the Jordan River Parkway to improve education curriculum and programming?

Who: Public educators, public health, physical education and environmental education professionals, non-profit and community leaders, public officials.
What: A brainstorming workshop to explore ways to incorporate the Jordan River into recreation, health and ecological edu-cation and programming.
Where: Location TBD
When: December 8th from 2pm-5pm
Why: We would like to explore these questions:

  • What role can the Jordan River Parkway play in active recreation and healthy lifestyles?
  • What role can the Jordan River ecosystem play in understanding and con-serving our environment and ecological systems?
  • How can we expand current curriculum to incorporate the Jordan River more fully?
  • What are the Jordan River assets, and what assets should we improve?

During this 3-hour brainstorming workshop, we will explore environmental education and recreation education and programming, and how to better utilize and integrate the Jordan River as a resource for communities and education partners up and down the river corridor.  With the help of Utah Society for Environmental Education and the Office of Outdoor Recreation, the Jordan River Commission hopes to set the stage for our education initiatives in 2018 and beyond.

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