Best Practices for Riverfront Communities

BMP cover

The JRC is currently wrapping up an effort to develop a series of tools, strategies, and recommendations for anyone interested in protecting, restoring, and embracing the Jordan River in our communities.  This document translates the big vision ideas and goals of the Blueprint Jordan River, and explains how to implement them and why they are important.  The toolbox includes practical advice, “how to” instructions, local examples, and additional resources to guide local decision and policy making, management practices and operations.


Best Practices are organized by:

  • The topic that they are design to address (Land Use, the Environment, Recreation, Stormwater, and Utility Corridors) and by
  • The context in which they can be applied (River, Natural Environment Buffer, Manicured Open Space, Built Environment)


Also included in this effort were the development of:

  • Guidelines for developing a riparian corridor protection ordinance,
  • A community self awareness checklist,
  • A development review checklist,
  • An extenstive list of additional technical resources, and
  • A user and implementation mechanism matrix

Download the Best Practices for Riverfront Communities:

Low resolution version (2.2 MB)

High resolution version (9.1 MB)

For information about the process to develop this document, please see the project page.