Reports and Plans

Strategic Plans

The Jordan River Commission adopted its first Strategic Plan in June 2015.  This document, along with the Blueprint Jordan River and the Interlocal Cooperation Agreement, is intended to guide the actions of the Commission for the next few years.

Updates to the Work Plan are presented quarterly at the Commission’s Governing Board meetings. A report of progress towards the Goal and Objective “Outcomes” is presented annually at the first Governing Board meeting of each year. Together these benchmarks exist to help the Commission Governing Board and the public at large evaluate whether the Commission is meeting its intended goals and purposes.

The Commission plans to update this document every two years as an outcome of a bi-annual Strategic Planning Retreat. Public input on the current or future draft plans is welcomed at any time.
Strategic Plan cover

Annual Reports

The Jordan River Commission produced its first “annual” report in 2015, which served as a catch-up summary of the organizations’ efforts over its first few years of existence (2010-2015). Subsequent years will each have their own individual report.


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